dot Clique aims to find solutions to problems, rather than work around them. Often the cause of faults such as regular internet outages, applications crashing randomly and slow open/save times for files, can be something simple like a faulty cable or switch. Rebooting of hardware to resolve the problem is not a long term solution.

We focus on presenting our clients with the best solution possible for their network environment and then supporting and managing the environment for optimal performance.

server installation and management

dot Clique provides cost effective solutions that will increase productivity and efficiency by building and managing your server in order to manage your core business applications. We know that having a network running properly is of vital importance, which is why we build servers of a high quality and perform installations seamlessly.

We offer a complete range of server services:-

  • Backup server
  • Active directory user accounts
  • Database server
  • Server installation and upgrades
  • Server migrations
  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions

network support and monitoring

Preventative maintenance is an important factor of a network which is often ignored or of low importance. Pro-active maintenance reduces or eliminates the disruption that comes from responding when things go wrong.

Preventative maintenance has many benefits:-

  • Saves time and money
  • Prevents data being lost
  • Improves network performance
  • Keeps you up to date with new technologies

The security of your network is also a vital part of your business, and your sensitive information should be kept within the walls of your domain. We take security seriously, and to ensure your network, servers and workstations are out of harms way, we offer insight to how a network should be secured, in partnership with our security provider.

service level agreement (SLA)

As businesses today are relying more heavily on their I.T support as an underlining factor to contributing to their business success, service level agreements are becoming essential in ensuring a guaranteed fast professional service when needed. With a service level agreement downtime is scaled down to a minimum which immediately lowers the total cost of your I.T infrastructure, as time is money! In turn employees can perform at optimal productivity which has a direct and positive effect on your business growth.

With our Service Level Agreement contracts, the client purchases a fixed amount of onsite, remote and telephonic support hours per month. These hours are then applied to resolve any I.T related issues that you may have and will be addressed on a weekly visits.

As we are focused on preventative maintenance, we focus on using a percentage of the designated hours to visit you on a regular fixed appointment to ensure that your infrastructure remains in optimal performing status, thus keeping downtime to a minimum.

A strong relationship between the client and dot Clique is the key to a successful partnership. Our Service Level Agreement clients are updated through monthly service meetings and continuous correspondence about any concerns and changes on the network. dot Clique’s dedicated field support engineer will take ownership of all management and responsibility pertaining to the clients network.

The Service Level Agreement will benefit you because there is:-

  • A written agreement between both parties on our service level
  • On site technical support engineer available to SLA time frame
  • Worry-free service
  • Helps is only a phone call away
  • Clarifies the cost
  • Better control of your I.T infrastructure and network

backup solution packages

We know a dependable backup solution is vital, so we offer a range of backup packages to suit your needs. This can be a simple backup workstation for your small business to dedicate backup servers. We implement these solutions so your business data will remain safe in the event of a hardware or software failure.

Our different types of backup solutions include:-

  • Files can be restored from backups. This protects files even if accidentally deleted or through a hardware malfunction.
  • Your company data will be protected in the event of a complete breakdown; such as theft, fire or hardware faults. Your files will be restored to their last known state from the backups.
  • Backup’s can be located both on or off-site, depending on the level of security you find necessary.
  • We will customise a backup package to suit your needs.