remote support

dot Clique offers remote support for your servers and workstations, which reduces costs and increases productivity. A live internet connection is all that is required for us to provide support, in real time, anywhere within South Africa or abroad.

Remote support has many advantages:-

  • Real time support is a phone call away
  • Fast response, regardless of location
  • Improved efficiency for your business
  • Help and support without complications
  • No unnecessary travel time
  • Rapid identification of issues that require on-site support

Our telephone and remote support service assists with requirements such as software, email and network support.

on-site support

Whilst remote I.T support is acceptable for resolving software issues and diagnosing problems, some issues (such as hardware failure) require on-site I.T support.

On-site support has its advantages:

  • I.T related issues solved on-site
  • Workstation diagnosis and repair happens on-site so you can get back up and running in no time
  • Installing, configuring and securing wireless and wired networks in an office
  • Business data backup and recovery assistant to your business when you need it most
  • Setup up business firewalls, ensuring that you and your business is protected
  • Providing anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions that will protect you from unnecessary invasions and spreading viruses